Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zion Lutheran Church, Rockwell, North Carolina

Down the road from Grace Lutheran Church is Zion Lutheran Church and the oldest of all Lutheran churches in North Carolina. It too, like Grace, was built in the manner of Lutheran churches in Pennsylvania from whence its original members came. And like Grace, it has been greatly altered with addition of the stone tower and steeple in 1900.

A view of the west side of the church gives a better idea how the church looked in 1796 before the additions and alterations.

And as with Grace, the interior has been greatly changed over the years; nothing remains from when the building was first erected. Even the slate floor was removed and replaced with wooden planks at the same time the tower and steeple were built. The two tablets on either side of the clock also list all the former pastors of the church.

In the cemetery in the front of the church which spreads over two acres, are headstones of the first members of the congregation. This particular tombstone translated from German (at least as far as the ones that are legible to me) says: " Here is buried Matteis Behringer. He was born in the year 1713, 13 October and died in the year of Christ 1794 on 22 November. Shown in (illegible) and (illegible)."

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